Rachel’s Big day

In the summer of 2012 I had the opportunity to create a wedding hairstyle for the lovely Rachel on her big day.

Myself and Anna (makeup artist and friend) rocked up to the wedding venue to begin our transformation, but to be honest Rachel was such a great blank canvas and had lovely long thick hair, both our jobs were made easy.

Rachel decided to have her hair half up/ half down which is a favoured style for weddings, and because her dress had a gorgeous sweetheart neckline, this style flattered her perfectly.Here are some pictures of the finished look.
To create the look:

  • I applied curling and volumising mousse (I like Percy and Reed) to wet hair and spritzed some Tecni Art Pli from L’Oreal through the mid lengths and ends
  • Dried this into the hair until nearly dry
  • Sectioned the hair in the desired style you want to achieve, then place the babyliss heated rollers into the hair using over directing where more volume is desired
  • Leave rollers to cool
  • Take the rollers out and run your fingers through the curls gently
  • Then style as desired, I used some back combing through the crown area to give lift, and plaited two seperate sections back from each side of the parting and pinned up
  • Then finished with the tiara and gem grips
  • Finish with hairspray! You can never have too much hairspray, but don’t overload in one go, make sure you layer it up.

As one of my first official jobs where I wasn’t doing a friend’s hair, it went incredibly smoothly and Rachel was on time for her groom and calm, serene and looking beautiful.

I hope you like the style. Let me know your favourite wedding styles!

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